About Us

We have begun PVC-profile selling, marketing and distribution activity as a family company in Bursa City, Yildirim County, in 1997.

Our company has begun forming producer-franchises of Technoplas door and window systems in the western region of Turkey. Formed franchises from Antalya to Bolu. In Izmır there is a storage which is belonged to our company. At the same time, again, we are marketing ready-to-use wood-workings. .

We have made the first door-window export from Turkey to Melbourne, Australia. Among the countries we have been exporting, our exporting activities to Romania, France, Azerbaijan, and Greece are continuing. In Bucharest –Romania there is a storage which is belonged to our company.

Our brand put its signature under many great successes in 2010 and was deemed worthy of the European Union Consumer Quality Award. Today, our active marketing is continuing swiftly with our 75 franchises. Our working place which was 70 m2, making a long way, is still continuing its activities in a building with 3 floors, which is 1400 m2.


Our Vision

Our Mission